When It’s Time to Sell…

So, you have decided to sell. You know where you are going and you know why. You’ve hired your REALTOR® and are ready to get going. Here’s a glimpse into what to expect next.

Prepare for Market

You will need to get your home in great showing condition. This means, when a prospective buyer shows up, you want the home to be clean, warm, and welcoming. Let them see the home through THEIR eyes, not yours. Pack up anything super personal. This includes family photos, heirlooms, your Florida Gators collection, your Grandma’s urn, and any unusual or unique decor. They need to be able to see the home with fresh eyes.

Next, get it clean. Many people hire a cleaner to come in and do a deep clean. If the home is dirty or messy, potential buyers will be more likely to assume the home needs repairs. Pull cubbies out that you can dump toys, clothes, etc. in at the beginning of the day so you don’t need to rush home to clean before a showing. Additionally, some clients go ahead and have a home inspection completed so there are no surprises when you receive an offer.

Get the Offer

Your home will be shown numerous times in many cases. When you list with me, you can rest assured that everyone entering your home will be pre-approved and legitimate, but it may take some time to find just the right buyer. When we do find that lucky someone or someones, they will make an offer. We will discuss this together. Unless it is a full price or more offer (this happens!), we will likely need to go through several counter offers. Never fear, though, as I will handle all of the negotiations for you.

Under Contract

Here’s where we have to be a little more patient. The buyer will have a home inspection performed. At this point, the inspector may find some issues that the buyers feel need to be addressed. This is another point of negotiation. You don’t have to agree to every little repair, of course, but a little bit of compromise will go a long way.

Next, the home will be appraised. An appraiser will make an appointment with us to come out, view the property, and take photos. The appraiser will then review comparable sales in the area and make a determination as to your home’s value. This is to ensure that the bank loaning money to the buyer isn’t loaning for more than the home is valued for.

Closing Time!

The last step (and most fun!) is closing day. The title company will have performed a title search to ensure the property’s title is clear and then will arrange a date and time for the settlement to occur. You and the buyers will both be present. The buyers will sign their loan documents, you will transfer the deed, and the current balance on your mortgage will be paid off. If there is any additional funds left over after the payoff, you may even leave the closing with a check! Now is the time to hand over the keys and garage door openers and tell the buyers about anything they need to know (security alarm is a little buggy, etc.).

Congrats, you just sold your home!

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